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The Culture now accepts contraception, sterilization, abortion, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, IVF, sodomy, fornication, divorce and same sex “marriage”. They are part of the Culture of Death in which we live and pretty much take for granted as the new normal. Why is the Church mostly silent on these issues, especially at the Mass homily teaching opportunity? The time period for the popularization of these behaviors overlaps with rapid changes in the Liturgy following Vatican Council II. Might there be a connection? It has been said that, “if you want to change the culture, start with the Liturgy.” Changes in the Mass have reduced our focus on God and thereby limited access to the graces that are available from the “source and summit of the Christian life”. These books will help the reader see the importance of both the Traditional Roman Mass and a renewed novus ordo (“new”) Mass.

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Rediscover the Liturgy in all its hidden spiritual wealth and transcendent grandeur as the very center of our Christian life.

Anyone who wants a frank, honest,and deep explanation of worship, prayer, and liturgy should get this book Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness be marvel at the dept of the mass

Sacred Liturgy the source and summit of the Life and Mission of the church. Fundamental to a deep understanding of the Sacred Liturgy. That this reflection has helped to underline the humble and yet irreplaceable service of the liturgical law to the church's mission.
The Spirit of the Liturgy
Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness
Sacred Liturgy the Source & Summit of the life & Mission of the Church
Price: $19.95

Price: $19.95

Price: $21.95

The Mass: The Glory, the Mystery, the Tradition is an engaging and authoritative guide to Catholicism’s most distinctive practice. And now, with the Church introducing revised language for the Mass, Catholics have a perfect opportunity to renew their understanding of this beautiful and beloved celebration.
The Mass: The Glory, The Mystery, The Tradition
Price: $21.99