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Man and Woman He Created Them, Theology of the Body


Author: Pope John Paul II


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Translated and introduced by Michael M. Waldstein.

Internationally renowned biblical scholar Michael Waldstein presents John Paul II’s magnificent vision of the human person with meticulous scholarship and profound insight. During the first years of his pontificate, John Paul II presented a catechesis on the human person, understood within the mystery of Christ. This catechesis, commonly referred to as "the Theology of the Body," has revolutionized the Christian understanding of marriage, sexuality, celibacy, and all things bodily. Going back to the biblical “beginning” as recorded in Genesis, the pope discusses the body dimension of human personhood in the light of biblical revelation.

In this work, Waldstein gives us a refined and updated translation of John Paul’s talks, taking great advantage of the nearly thirty years of study scholars have given these topics and of the newly discovered outlines of the talks found in Vatican archives. He also provides a wonderful introduction, new footnotes throughout, and much more.


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