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Archbishop Chaput explains what married love is and provides advice on valuing both the unitive and the procreative aspect of married life.

Meditation and a prayer, the life of Jesus in the womb. A nine month journey explaining the life of carrying a child.

Bishop Conley encourages married couples to make God the center of their marriage, so that their love can imitate God's love for each of us–free, creative and generous. He explains how openness to children in marriage is the natural consequence of this type of love and that contraception diminishes that share in God's creative love. The bishop also exhorts Catholic healthcare professionals to learn about the dangers of contraception and sterilization, so that they can assist their clients in making healthier choices to deal with reproductive and fertility issues. Read it here
Of Human Life
The Life of Jesus in the Womb: A Meditation and a Prayer
The Language of Love
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Discounted price $1.20

Discounted price $1.20

Sacred Liturgy and the Defense of Human Life is an important resource in ongoing liturgical formation for clergy, religious and laity, and makes a significant contribution to the renewal which embraces the riches of liturgical tradition as a valuable treasure.

A Catholic perspective on how and why God makes babies. Ages 9 & up. It was given the Nihil Obstat from Msgr Brian Branford and the Imprimatur from Most Rev. Charles Chaput OFM, Cap

Are you a date or a soulmate?  Are you the for-now girl or the forever girl?
Sacred Liturgy and the Defense of Human Life
Wonderfully Made! Babies
How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul 21 Secrets for Women
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A wonderful compilation of St Josemaria Escriva's teaching on the glory and holiness of marriage,

This wonderful biography on St Gianna tells her life's story, from her childhood, through her professional and family life, and up until the giving of her life for her child. Much of the book is in the form of an interview with Gianna's husband Pietro, and it also includes a section entitled "Gianna's Virtues," the testimony of Pietro for the process of his wife's beatification.

20 couples, who chose sterilization, tell how they received the grace to get sterilization reversals.
Sexuality and Sanctity, The Christian Doctrine on Sex
Saint Gianna Molla
Sterilization Reversal - A Generous Act of Love
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Humanae Vitae proclaimed the beauty of marital sex unburdened by obstacles opposing fertility. This book explains and defends that teaching.

A wonderful resource for understanding and responding to the current crisis in contraception.

If You Really Loved Me
Sex Au Naturel
Sign Of Contradiction
If You Really Loved Me
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Hockey-playing Catholic Bishop Thomas John Paprocki has a message for teens and young adults: athletics and fitness training are a daily way to connect with God and faith.  A great book for athletes, teenagers. pastoral and youth ministry..

A work of love for the Church: a must read for every Catholic with desire to return our nation to a righteous path and our society to a culture of life.

The hidden first nine months of Jesus's life, from the moment of conception within Mary's body to his birth in Bethlehem. The author thoughtfully explores the glories, mysteries, and graces found in Jesus's as he grows from fertilized ovum to newborn baby
Holy Goals, for Body and Soul: 8 Steps to Connect Sports with God & Faith
The Broken Path
Unborn Jesus Our Hope
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Real Love is, hands down, one of the most effective books out there for conveying that chastity isn't about saying 'no' to sex, but 'YES' to freedom, happiness and the kind of love we were made for.

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“Confusion regarding human sexuality in American society is rampant. This book by Anne Cherney is welcomed for its realism and sanity concerning God’s plan for chastity, love, marriage, and family. That plan is the only antidote to the moral collapse taking place throughout Western society.” James Likoudis, president emeritus, Catholics United for the Faith
Real Love: Answers to Your Questions on Dating, Marriage and the Real Meaning of Sex
Our Lady of America: Our Hope For The States
Supernatural Family Planning . . . THE ORIGINAL METHOD
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Discounted price $8.97

Discounted price $8.97

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