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<p>Study guide for Patty Schneier's <a href=";product_id=681">explanation</a> of love that is free, faithful, total and fruitful.</p>

A simple and very effective guide for celebrating the Annunciation and Incarnation of the Lord.

Bishop Conley encourages married couples to make God the center of their marriage, so that their love can imitate God's love for each of us–free, creative and generous. He explains how openness to children in marriage is the natural consequence of this type of love and that contraception diminishes that share in God's creative love. The bishop also exhorts Catholic healthcare professionals to learn about the dangers of contraception and sterilization, so that they can assist their clients in making healthier choices to deal with reproductive and fertility issues. Read it here
True Love. . . How Will I Know? Study Guide
Celebrating the Annunciation and Incarnation of Jesus
The Language of Love
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Most frequently asked questions about chastity. with honest and straight-forward answers
Pure Love
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