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CDs that help clergy lead single people and couples to healthy, constructive sexuality.

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Christopher West digs deep into Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body and into the connection between marriage and the Eucharist.

 The Theology of the Body is a Biblical message that is intended for all Christians. This teaching, originally presented by John Paul II, draws on over 1000 scripture versus concerning God’s original plan for marriage & sexuality, and how an understanding of this plan gives meaning to our lives. In this talk given at an Evangelical church, Theology of the Body expert Christopher West delivers this life-changing message to an enthusiastic Protestant audience. Catholics and Protestants alike will benefit from this teaching as we strive to live out God’s plan for our lives

Testimonies from a group of clergy who have preached on contraception and Natural Family Planning, with a number of added resources: sample homilies, Scripture texts from various Sundays that readily lead to these topics, and more.
And the Two Become One
Theology of the Body: A Bold, biblical response to the Sexual Revolution (CD
A Preachable Message
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Teaching of the Church in light of our culture regarding sexual behavior.

The basic human questions: Why are we here, what does our life mean, how can I get the best out of life.

Christian purity? More than likely, it is not what you think. Purity is not Puritanism. Nor is it prudishness. Christian purity is the ability to see the mystery of God revealed through the body and sexuality.
Humanae Vitae On the Regulation of Birth Pope Paul Vl
God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Purity in an Impure Age
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Notes that woman’s true greatness lies in her ability to bring new life into the world

The Truth About "Same-Sex Marriage"

The struggles in the area of sexual purity and lust that many men face on a regular basis, with solid grounds for hope and victory.
Woman: God's Masterpiece (2 CD set)
The Truth About "Same-Sex Marriage"
Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity
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A collection Marie's 4 cds of songs highlighting the extraordinary goodness of ordinary life in a family. Marie uses music, insight, poetry, and song to invite us away from the empty promises the world offers into a life full of what really matters.

In these talks Christopher West demonstrates how all the “tough issues” of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality can be proclaimed in a way that not only makes sense, but demonstrates the beauty of God’s plan for sexuality and the joy of living it. A must-have presentation for every priest looking to explain and defend the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality in a compelling way.

Eight talks on CD supporting the " Daughters Forever" sexuality education program. For daughters; also available on DVD.
Marie Bellet Collection (4 CDs)
Proclaiming The Theology of the Body (4 CDs)
Daughters Forever CD
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