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Marie grew up with five sisters and two brothers in a mid-western university town. Often heckled for defying the zero population pressures of the day, she grew up loving the “warmth and confusion” of life in a large family. The experience would come in handy. Marie married in 1987 and moved to Singapore and then Spain, returning four years later with three small children. As Marie’s family continued to grow, she began writing songs about life as a housewife and mother in a world that “no longer values these roles.” In 1997 she recorded a collection of these songs entitled “What I Wanted To Say.” In 2000 she released her second collection entitled, "Ordinary Time" which focuses on the temptations of a culture which encourages women to "have it all." With her eight children and husband Bill, a “psychologist with sense” who challenges families and couples to rise above themselves and serve each other, Marie offers a different vision of what it means to be a “fulfilled” woman.

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<font size="3">Ordinary Time tells the stories of ordinary people making their way in our fast and fabulous world. Twelve thought provoking songs encourage us to laugh at our attempts to have it all and remind us of the everyday drama and nobility of ordinary lives lived faithfully.<br /><br />

Are you burnt out on the busyness and self-importance of modern life? Then you need Lighten Up! With a playful hint of bluegrass, these story songs and radically honest reflections urge us to forgive and to see the humor, the beauty and the sacred in those who fill our everyday lives..

Often lighthearted, always thought provoking lyrics describe the details of our modern lives and enkindle hope in new beginnings. Outstanding Nashville musicians cradle Marie's voice in a light mixture of bluegrass, jazz and folk as she reminds us of our capacity to love. A New Springtime is dedicated to John Paul II and the new springtime he foretold.
Ordinary Time
Lighten Up
A New Springtime
Price: $5.00

Price: $5.00

Price: $5.00

A collection Marie's 4 cds of songs highlighting the extraordinary goodness of ordinary life in a family. Marie uses music, insight, poetry, and song to invite us away from the empty promises the world offers into a life full of what really matters.
Marie Bellet Collection (4 CDs)
Price: $20.00